How You Can Make A Difference

Communicating with your elected officials may be the single most important action you can take to demonstrate your support for public education, our children and families. Do not remain silent. Your legislators expect and welcome your comments on issues that are of importance to you, and are guided by public opinion.

Please make your voice heard via letters to the editor and messages to your elected officials. A hand-written or typewritten letter is the most effective means of communication. E-mails and phone calls are effective when response time is short, such as a pending vote. Choose the Tallahassee address during the legislative session, the district office address all other times.

If you need help finding the names or addresses of your state senator or representative, refer to our Legislator Locator (below). Your Voter I.D. card reflects the senate and house districts for your area; you are represented by both a senator and a representative. The Locator also reflects your United States Congressman in both the Senate and the House.

Contact your elected officials and enable them to represent you in Tallahassee. Your elected officials don’t know what you are thinking unless you tell them!

Voter ID

Your voter identification card can be very useful in locating your districts and identifying your elected officials. If you have your card, click here. If you do not have your card, click here for a locator using your zip code (the locator is in a box in the bottom right hand side of your screen).


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